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This is the Compact Disc version designed in all its retro style.  No clear cases here!  This comes with a digital download of the record as well. 

This features 11 new compositions from what Geoffrey Himes of the Washington Post calls... "one of the most striking songwriters and bandleaders of the early 21st Century, is releasing his first full-length album in ten years...compositions by Joplin and a sound that combines his roots in folk music and his past success as an indie-rocker without shortchanging either development."

Joining the lead singer-guitarist this time are Fats Kaplin (Jack White’s string wizard), Bryan Owings (Emmylou Harris’s drummer), Allen Broyles (longtime keyboardist for the Josh Joplin Group) and Wes Langlois (the guitarist who co-wrote tracks "Just Ghosts and The History Of I Do") with Joplin.

All of Joplin’s experiences, from his early days as a Dylanesque troubadour to his mid-career success as an indie-rocker, are reflected in this new recording, the broadest, deepest and most balanced of his career."

Figure Drawing CD

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